Who We Are

Our Team

Led by wholehearted commitment and focused visionaries, together with dedicated teachers qualified in art and design, the teamwork brings out the best in everyone. Their contribution in different fields of art with valuable experiences and knowledge carries with them not just to the students’ learning but the overall environment and sharing for all.

Creating Lessons that Inspire!

The Learning Palette, developed by My Art Studio, integrates the best practices of both early childhood and art education. Built on the popular theory of multiple intelligence, our unique programme serves to nurture children from pre-school age to 12 years in various important areas of development and experiential learning, in a fun and non-intimidating environment. The children will be exposed to different sensorial experiences by exploring craftwork, drawing and painting with other mixed media artwork that involves creative manipulation of a wide range of materials such as wires, recycled materials, clay, paper. Over time, through the process, the children develop their fine motor skills, pre-writing skills and ignite their creative imaginations. Themes and famous artists’ techniques will also be introduced to develop the children’s appreciation of visual arts and allow them to express themselves with the different art techniques that are being taught. My Art Studio art programme offers the students a wide variety of art explorations and help lay the foundation for cognitive thinking, problem-solving skills and to develop a keen and perceptive way of learning, thereby building up their self-confidence over time.

Art for everyone!

We believe that art is a lifelong journey, one that starts from young and continues throughout our lives. Driven by this conviction, our founders established My Art Studio to provide children with affordable, high quality art programme. We strive to push the boundaries of innovation and creative expressions by focusing on the learning process of every child, not merely the outcome.

A Holistic Approach to Creativity

Passionately committed to providing a premium experiential art education for children, we have designed an innovative curriculum that emphasises learning through creativity. Set in a cozy and fun-filled environment, our lessons aim to provide a holistic learning experience, allowing children to develop into confident and creative learners, expressive individuals who are equipped with essential life skills.

We believe in keeping class sizes small to ensure that every child attains his or her highest artistic potential.


Curricular Excellence

Develop an innovative curriculum that adopts the best practices in art education


Relationship Building

Provide students with opportunities to bond by creating a positive learning environment


Emphasis on Discovery

Highlight the role of learning in
art-making and the creative process


Art for Everyone

Offer an inclusive learning environment that embraces all ethnicities and cultures


Teachers as Mentors

Train teachers to listen to, guide, and learn alongside students, as well as facilitate creative dialogues


Empowering Learners

Nurture confident and creative decision-makers who are capable of achieving their personal artistic visions

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