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It’s the season of colors this coming November and December in our studio! With vast arrays of favorite movies from Sonic the hedgehog, Encanto, Turning Red, Minions and many more! Will it be only painting? Fret not as we will indulge in various forms of art techniques that you don’t want to miss! 

Children’s Studio Workshops (4 to 16 years)

We believe all children, regardless of their backgrounds, deserve equal access to art, a powerful tool that can spark positive transformations.

Art boosts our self-esteem and gives us a sense of accomplishment.

The creative process and endeavour to a finished work of art contribute to an overall sense of satisfaction, achievement, and confidence in an overall individual, releasing the ‘feel good’ chemical that boosts focus and concentration.

Art releases burdensome stress

Colours and the creative process have been known to play a part in our emotions and mood. The repetitive motions of pasting, drawing, brush painting, moulding, cutting, serves as a way of relaxing our minds, and a time of learning new things which creates a happier and healthier person in us.

Art encourages creative problem solving and thinking

Creating art is a form of brain exercise known as one of the ways to enhance problem-solving skills and allows for unique solutions to be formed as there is no one correct answer or finished way. It also stimulates out-of-the-box thinking, which helps make new connections and new neuron pathways in our brain.

Workshop Information

We conduct a range of workshops that covers different themes of daily life with various art-making techniques to encourage kids of all ages to have fun learning with creativity.

Never a dull moment with Art Party! Any occasion, anytime!

Celebrate your special occasions with My Art Studio!

Whether it’s organising a large social event or a smaller, intimate family occasion, My Art Studio brings the art, creativity, and organisation to your party, leaving you to get on with the most important part, having a blast!

We offer customised art activities for birthdays or other special events (Wedding Anniversaries, Graduation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Bosses Day, etc) when you’d like to inject a fun-filled dose of art!

Corporate Events

My Art Studio specialises in creating highly customised art jamming events to suit your corporate needs. You can organise a fuss-free 10-35pax session in our cozy art studio.

For a larger group, choose to hold one at a separate venue of your choice, or to save on time and travelling, we will set everything up in your office if space allows!

Speak to us today to plan your special art jamming event others will talk about and remember!


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