What Students Say

“I attended classes for oil pastel and watercolour class.
The classes were very detailed and extremely informative. There was a nice balance of masteryof technique, colour mixing and free expression. I was surprised at how quickly I progressed.”


, 2020

“Past year has been a difficult one, and the studio has definitely been a supportive and happy place for me. I have never painted in my life before but the techniques I learnt here have been amazing and so much fun. My teacher was very calm and thoughtful, and made this an extremely personalized experience for me, allowing me the flexibility and time that I needed to explore.
Even though i always picked imitating paintings to learn, she always encouraged adding personal elements and feelings as an important part of self expression. A very conducive place if anyone wants to start the learning journey.”


, 2019 – 2021

‘‘I enjoy My Art Studio adult acrylic painting class very much and learn to use the blending technique and palette knife to achieve my painting. I never knew I could paint but under guidance I am learning step by step. My classes are still on going and it is a very good hobby for me at my age’’

Stephen Seah

, 2021 – Mountain Side

“The teacher really helped me to achieve my objectives taking into my abilities as a beginner. I learned a lot about techniques, expressing emotions and at the same time learning about myself. I recommend their studio Adult Art Classes to anyone wanting to learn and further their abilities and commend My Art Studio for its dedication, patience and creative skills”.


, 2020

“I have attended art classes with My Art Studio for the past 2 years. The art classes are conducted in a fun and enjoyable way, and it helps me to improve my skills and knowledge. The teachers who taught me gave me useful and relevant skills & techniques for drawing, painting, craftwork, etc. Moreover, it serves as a perfect channel for me to relax and destress from my schoolwork”


, 13 yo, Young Prodigy

“The lessons and workshops are very interesting, and I particularly like the lesson on marbling/brush lettering technique because it is very experimental and has a vibrant and colorful outcome”


, 11yo, Holiday Workshops and CA program

“I like the watercolor on single line drawing because the outcome is vibrant and I always enjoy my time during the studio lessons”


, 8 yo, CA program

“I like that the teachers were caring both about our well-being and the progress of our work. They made it a point to keep close progress of my work and to enable us to learn new ways of drawing and painting techniques along the way”


, 11 yo, Holiday Workshops and Colour Palette

“I took the Creativity and Kraft Werkz and liked the 2 courses very much because they give me ideas and creativity to make my art projects. I particularly enjoyed the Kraft Werkz as they were mainly 3D projects and were very creative and super nice projects.”


, 9yo, CA program and KraftWerkz

“Emma joined My Art studio since 2019 and it was never a dull moment for her. She always looks forward to her art lesson every week. Not only does she enjoy all the art activities, but she also learned various painting techniques. What is great about My Art studio is that they create a conducive environment to nurture creativity and make learning fun and enjoyable for the kids!”


, 6yo, CA program

“My Art Studio is a wonderful art space on the second storey of a shophouse in bustling Serangoon Gardens. The studio is well equipped, and the classes are conducted in small groups. The artistic guidance is warm and encouraging. Ryan started classes at 5 and over these 2 years has completed a wide variety of artwork from sketches and paintings to interesting crafts. He enjoys doing art with friends!”


, 7yo, CA Program

“My Art Studio lessons are very fun, and the lessons introduce many interesting techniques and lessons to help us improve my skills and abilities and ideas”


, 12yo, CA program