Specialised Classes


Specialised Classes


Our specialised classes will aid keen learners to further advance their artistic knowledge, technical skills and creative expression. This program will help individuals to better identify and strengthen their art style and practice on a deeper level.

Let’s Draw (5 to 8 years)


This program is made for younger children interested in honing and perfecting their drawing skills. Learn how to use various drawing mediums like charcoal and watercolour. Develop a strong foundation on drawing techniques and principles to produce drawings with more depth, perspective and meaning.

Young Prodigy (8 to 16 years)


Keen learners will gain deeper knowledge, both technical drawing and creative expression, in applying the fundamental drawing skills learnt needed for their artworks.

Colour Palette (8 to 16 years)


Focuses on building foundations, concepts, and the development of painting. Students will enjoy the combination of colors and different techniques to create awesomely inspiring paintings.

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